Made in His image.

Made in His image.
Photos courtesy Jan Ethridge Photography

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fields of Faith

We had been preparing for this night for weeks and what an incredible event it turned out to be! Hosted at the arena of NWFSC, FCA and youth groups from all over the county showed up to pray for each other, their schools, their leaders, and families; to share their testimonies, and to worship their God.

Our dancers performed two pieces during the night, "You Won't Relent" and "Light Will Shine". So many people were generous in their encouragement at what it meant to really see worship happening through dance.  Each piece was very different from the other; one reverent but passionate and the other an all out expression of joy, and we were so encouraged to hear over and over again that the visual imagery of worship through our dancing helped focus hearts on our amazing Creator and touched hearts with the message of His peace and love for us.
Several students shared their testimonies and I have to say, it moves your heart to see so many young people praying together in small groups for each other and those that haven't yet accepted Jesus as their Savior. We continue to pray that the youth in our community would be bold in living their lives for Christ so that by their example others might also find the freedom in surrendering it all to the One that freed us from sin. He is an awesome and faithful God!
And even after the lights were up and the crowds of students had dispersed.....our dancers kept right on dancing:)